About us


Shanghai-Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as "JIC") is an international scientific and technological innovation platform jointly established by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information, Jing'an District Government, Shibei High-tech Park, and AWS.

JIC relies on the global brand influence and international application innovation results of AWS. JIC leverages AWS's leading cloud computing and big data technologies as well as the global practice of building big data and smart cities. It integrates many innovation resources such as Shibei High-tech innovation and entrepreneurship service, government open data and so on. It provides talent cultivation, technical guidance and support, industrial transformation, market promotion, science and technology finance and so on, in order to create a good entrepreneurial environment and soil for the new generation of information technology industry enterprises.

Shanghai-Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center is located at 4th. Floor, Building A, No. 1268 Wanrong Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai (Shibei High-tech Park), operated by Shanghai Tunefulcloud Technology Co,.Ltd. It has three major functional sections:smart city innovation practice demonstration experience center, training center of cloud innovation technology and internationally connected and interactive innovation incubator.

Smart city innovation demonstration experience center

The functional areas of the experience center include technical communication area, innovation incubation and guidance area and innovation practice results demonstration area. Experience centre will be based on the high-tech such like cloud computing, big data, IOT and open government data to promote enterprise innovation, to provide innovative enterprise application platform, intuitive display of large data analysis and the Internet of things, the latest technology such as artificial intelligence application in the field of smart city innovation, speed up the transformation of scientific and technological innovation so as to promote the wisdom of Shanghai urban construction.

International interconnected innovation incubator

The international interconnected innovation incubator will provide AWS cloud service resources, technical training, business and technical guidance for start-ups and transformation enterprises. Actively introduce excellent foreign start-up companies to the incubation of this project, and export local start-up companies or fast-growing enterprises to well-known incubators abroad to accelerate the incubation; Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises, such as enterprise globalization business expansion and the adoption of IOT, big data and other technologies for business innovation and cloud migration of traditional IT business; And smart city construction case for reference, the innovation practice, with an open government support innovation in enterprise big data for application development platform, through the Internet and AI technology to connect government, enterprises and citizens, to promote open and rational utilization of public information, help the government to strengthen social management and city management, the construction of the smart city of Shanghai.

Cloud innovation technology training center

Cloud innovation technology training center will be committed to promoting "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" education, strengthen the training of high-end innovation and entrepreneurship talents, and encourage high-end talents to settle in jing 'an district to accelerate the transformation of traditional enterprises and the incubation of innovative enterprises.


Main policies

  • Complimentary sharing work space for 6 to 12 Months duration.
  • AWS Promotional Credit
  • AWS cloud computing technology training
  • AWS Cloud service supports

JIC incubation services

  • Policies guiding and consultation
  • Planning and application of intellectual property rights
  • Help the project to conduct operation mode certification consulting service (legal experts, fiscal & accounting experts, and experts in industrial & commercial area, and taxation).
  • Recruit, recommend interns or introduce talents
  • Introduce and connect with Investment institutions

Characteristic services

  • Demonstration and release conferences of innovative products
  • Project road show and market recommendation
  • JIC afternoon tea salon activities
  • Recommendation to join big data alliance and other industrial organizations
  • Connect with industry resources


Applicant to join Shanghai JIC should fulfill the following conditions:

Applicant is belong to new generation of information technology industry entrepreneurship project (place emphasis to cloud computing, big data, internet of things, software and integrated circuit.)

Business founder or technical director are familiar with the position of the business technologies and marketing situation, have the experiences to lead large projects.

The marketing developmental potential of that business is big in that industry or territory, has wide application value, the expected economic and social benefits are significant.

Business has an actual use demand of cloud computing, have some knowledge and understanding of cloud computing, have technology team or technician. Companies that have used AWS services or whose technical personnel have passed AWS technical certification are preferred.

Companies that have obtained investment and financing are preferred.